Canoe & Kayak rentals Canoe and Kayak Rentals

At the Little River General Store, we have only new and high quality rental equipment!

All our equipment is new at the beginning of season

Canoe/Kayak Rental Rates

We-no-nah Canoe Rental
(Adriondak, Royalex Hull)
$35 2-1/2 Hour Trip
$45 4-1/2 Hour Trip

Kayaks by Current Design Rental
(Sea Kayak)
$25 2-1/2 Hour Trip
$35 4-1/2 Hour Trip

Shuttle service is included with all canoe and kayak rentals

Make your Canoe and Kayak reservation TODAY!
Walk-ins welcome on a first come - first serve basis.
Group rates available for 5 or more boats when one person pays.

Fishing Rod & Equipment Rental

Adult $10 per business day ($50 refundable deposit each)
Youth $8 per business day ($30 refundable deposit each)

*Refundable deposit based on equipment returned in good working condition. A portion of the deposit may not be returned to cover repairs of damaged equipment.


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Phone from cell phone (507) 467-2943
Phone from Land line (800) 994-2943
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Group Rates Available
Military Discount

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